Press Releases


GYİAD's statement against the usage of the genocide term by US President Biden

As GYIAD, we regret and reject US President Joe Biden's usage of the term genocide in a political speech about the events of 1915. We strongly condemn this unreal, political-based statement without merit, which has no validation in historical and international law terms. The so-called "genocide" claim suggested in the statement lacks the basis demanded by scientific evidence. For centuries, Turkish and Armenian peoples of different origins have been living as brothers and sisters. Any historical event should not be "verbally" deemed to have happened in line with interests of political conjuncture and without backing evidence or consensus from expert historians. Both from a political and diplomatic perspective, it is impossible to accept such allegations of genocide void of substance and goodwill, especially considering the third-party position the USA has on the matter. Diplomatic sensitivities of the region that we take part should be taken into account; history should be evaluated by the experts and researchers; and US administration should reconsider its attitude regarding the issues that have to be addressed through dialogue between the two societies.


Tackling environmental problems will determine the common future of humanity

Today, natural resources are decreasing and environmental pollution is a big problem in many regions of the world, thus the need to protect nature and the environment has increased further. June 5 was declared as the World Environment Day with a decision taken at the United Nations Environment Conference in Sweden in 1972, and is at an important point in tackling climate change and environmental problems.


Returning to normal after pandemic will be within 6 to 12 months

GYİAD announced the results of the member survey that put the psychological and economic effects of the pandemic on the table. In the survey, questions were asked on issues related to normalization, health-economy measures and remote working to the young business people. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which affect the whole world, continue to decrease, albeit slowly. In addition to the economic effects of the pandemic, the psychological-social effects arising from quarantine are also being discussed more than before. According to the survey results that reveal the perceptions and approaches of GYİAD members, 46.2% of the respondents think that they will return to normal within “6 to 12 months”.


Economic measures taken should be expanded

GYIAD announced the results of the member survey that put the economic effects of the pandemic on the table. In the survey, questions on support packages, legislative amendments, incentives and measures were asked to the young business people.


It is a comprehensive and featured support package, but plans B and C must be ready

Fuat Pamukçu evaluated the "Economic Stability Shield" package announced by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan following the Coordination Meeting on The Fight Against Coronavirus. Pointing out that very critical decisions were taken regarding Turkey and export at the Coronavirus Meeting chaired by the President Erdoğan held today at Çankaya, Pamukçu stated that the package is comprehensive and featured and covers the measures that will meet the needs in first phase.


Pending investments will be put into operation in 2020

Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) announced the results of the survey evaluating the expectations and estimates of its members for 2020. In the Expectations for 2019 Survey, questions were asked on issues such as investment plans for young business people, general expectations regarding the economy, dollar rate estimates, and inflation.


GYİAD shared its education and employment projects with the leaders

Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) aims to touch the lives of many people with its both employment and education projects. Presenting these projects to National Education Manager Minister Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk, CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, İyi Parti President Meral Akşener and Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, GYİAD aims to provide added value to the country's economy and education with the implementation of the projects shared. Making a statement about the contacts, GYİAD President Fuat Pamukçu said, “Reducing the youth unemployment rate, which has reached 27.4 percent as of August 2019, is among the high-priority issues of our country. We have developed the projects we presented accordingly.”


GYİAD’s new chairman is Fuat Pamukçu

Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) performed its 17th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on May 10. Fuat Pamukçu, elected as the Chairman, stated that the Association will address several topics such as education, employment, international relations, national relations and personal development during the new term.


GYİAD collected the experiences of the women entrepreneurs in ‘Kendi Hikayesini Yazanlar’ book

Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) published its second book of entrepreneurship cases series. The experiences of GYİAD member five women entrepreneurs are explained in the style of case-story in Kendi Hikayesini Yazanlar titled book. Aiming to encourage women for entrepreneurship with this book, GYİAD offers a book to be read by all women and men entrepreneurs with pleasure.


"The way of closing current deficit passes from technology enterprises"

Evaluating the application of issuing 200 thousand TL grant to entrepreneur candidates as "a valuable first step taken by the Government”, the Young Executives and Business People Association (GYIAD) Chairman Yiğit Savcı reminded that an enterprise revealed in Turkey sold to foreigners in the previous years at 600 million dollars, and said, "This if we can improve our entrepreneurship ecosystem, we can close our current deficit.”