Working Groups

Thanks to the different working groups that our members can take part in their respective fields; they are enabled to actively participate in the activities of the Association with their knowledge, opinion and suggestions.

Employment Working Group

As the 17th Term Employment Working Group, we are aiming to identify the priority problems for increasing the employment, and to bring forward solution proposals by taking the support of GYİAD members and the relevant private/civil organizations.


Member Development Working Group

With the philosophy of lifelong continuity of learning and development, GYİAD Development Working Group aims to support the existing members, who are experienced in their fields, in their personal development in many different fields, to increase their awareness with different experiences and to develop their commercial-professional knowledge. Following the trends, development needs and innovations in the world and in our country, it organizes training-development programs and workshops for its members with the best experts in their field.


Entrepreneurship Working Group

One of the cornerstones of GYİAD since its establishment has been supporting the entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit among its members. As the Entrepreneurship Working Group, our aim is to make the future different by bringing together our expert, proven and experienced members from different sectors and entrepreneur youth.


Digital Working Group

Our working group aims to create awareness and develop measurable values for social development by following the trends in the world and developing pioneering policies and strategies on digitalization.