Member Profile

The aim of the Young Executives and Businesspeople Association is not only to produce projects, but also to contribute to the transformation of individuals, institutions and society.

Member profile of GYİAD is consisted of company owners/senior executives in the age group of 23-55, and university graduates.  


Membership Provisions

General Membership Conditions

Article 6. The Associations members can be,

a) Natural persons meeting the conditions set out in article 7 and the legal persons meeting the conditions set out in article 8 and accepting the purposes of the Association, which apply to both natural and legal persons; and

b) For the legal persons who are not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, persons with a right to reside in Turkey.

Principal membership applications are made as follows. Acceptance and rejection procedures regarding the applications are provided below in order.   a) In order to become a member to the Association, minimum two principal or honorary members should give a reference with a written presentation to the Board of Directors. With the reference to be provided separately, Secretary General may submit a candidate member application to the Board of Directors.

b) Board of Directors takes the membership application into consideration and the decision is taken by voting through open voting method, unless any of the members of the Board of Directors request a secret voting.

c) In order the membership application to be accepted positively, affirmative votes of minimum 2/3 of the members, who are authorized to cast a vote, present at the meeting are needed.

d) If the membership application of the candidate member is rejected by the Board of Directors, then the decision on rejection is notified to the applicant in writing within 30 days. 

Rejected applicant, however, may apply for membership again according to the procedures set out in this article one year after the decision on rejection is served.

Membership becomes valid after the admission fee and annual membership fee are completely paid and the rights arising from membership may be used only after this. 

Becoming a member of the Association means fully accepting all the rights and liabilities set out in the Statute. Applicants may not be accepted to the Association membership in case they do not fully pay the admission fee and the annual membership fee.

Member is responsible for keeping their contact details (address, e-mail, mobile phone no. etc.) up-to-date throughout the term of membership and informing the Association in writing within 30 days in case of any change in these details.


  • Reference letter from minimum 2 GYİAD members
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Copy of company’s establishment gazette
  • Activity certificate with a recent date
  • Criminal Record