GYİAD was established in 1986 to generate solutions to the needs and problems of young business people and executives and to represent them on various platforms.

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GYİAD continues its operations in order to generate social responsibility projects, to work towards increasing the business relations and cooperation between the members, and to develop projects towards solving the sectoral problems.


Association Of Young Executives And Business People (GYİAD) was founded in 1986 as a voluntary non-governmental organization that contributes to the economic and social development of Turkey by bringing together the intellectual and social capital of the young business world. The association works to find solutions to the needs and problems of young managers and business people, to represent them on various platforms and to increase commercial relations between members. It implements various social responsibility projects by focusing on issues such as sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship, education and employment for a better future.


Working Groups

Thanks to the different working groups that our members can take part in their respective fields; they are enabled to actively participate in the activities of the Association with their knowledge, opinion and suggestions.
  • Employment Working Group

    As the 17th Term Employment Working Group, we are aiming to identify the priority problems for increasing the employment, and to bring forward solution proposals by taking the support of GYİAD members...


  • Sustainable Environment Working Group

    Our working group works in the focus of climate change, which is one of the most vivid global problems that humanity should focus on the 21st century.


  • Member Development Working Group

    With the philosophy of lifelong continuity of learning and development, GYİAD Development Working Group aims to support the existing members, who are experienced in their fields, in their personal dev...


  • Entrepreneurship Working Group

    One of the cornerstones of GYİAD since its establishment has been supporting the entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit among its members. As the Entrepreneurship Working Group, our aim is to...


  • Digital Working Group

    Our working group aims to create awareness and develop measurable values for social development by following the trends in the world and developing pioneering policies and strategies on digitalization...


GYİAD Projects

Sharing the common values for more than 30 years, GYİAD members continue not only to launch valuable projects but also to contribute to their country with their youth and energy.

29 March


GYİAD Market Talks

At the "GYİAD Market Talks" organized by the GYİAD Economic Relations Committee, we hosted Başak Karaca, the General Manager of Coca-Cola Caucasus and Central Asia Region. In this inspiring conversation, we delved deeply into the issue of "Being a Woman in the Business" providing an opportunity for female leaders in the business to share their experiences.

18 March


Traditional GYİAD İftar

GYİAD We had the pleasure of sharing our Traditional GYİAD Iftar with even more people this year. This year, we went beyond the iftar and became a means to a special purpose in cooperation with the Needs Map. Our members provided Ramadan Package support to 1000 families living in the earthquake zone.

29 February


GYİAD and Yanındayız Association Cooperation

Gender equality in the business world is among the most important issues we focus on. We evaluated possible projects with Yanındayız Association, which has carried out valuable work in this context.