GYİAD Chairman Yiğit Savcı: New managements must focus on smart cities

The Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) Chairman Yiğit Savcı expressed his opinions following the elections. Wishing success to the new local governments, Mr. Savcı stated that the cities must focus on solutions to facilitate the lives of the citizens through digitalizing and new generation urban approach.

Turkey voted for the local elections on March 31. Approximately 57 million voters in the country voted for the candidates they supported at around 195 thousand boxes.

GYİAD Chairman Yiğit Savcı made the following declarations following the elections: “We wish the results of the election be advantageous, and we want our politicians to focus on the economy. We think that through a new generation urban approach particularly in the metropolitan municipalities, it will be advantageous to generate modern solutions over the digital platforms to facilitate the life. By this means, opportunities will occur for the entrepreneurs in the economies of the city and so will be contributed in the employment of the youth. Furthermore, the studies must be increased to form environment friendly cities. By considering the impacts of the climate changes on the cities, we have to sensitively focus on a new generation urban approach. By developing smart cities approach with the dynamics of the 21st century, we can generate solutions for the concerns of the citizens by means of digitalization, and so can close the gap with the developed countries. By means of these applications to be obtained through mutual achievement, everybody will win, everybody will be happy.”