“Transformation” at GYİAD, businessmen is replaced with business people

Affixing its signature under many firsts for 32 years, Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) has completed the amendments to the statute as a historical decision. The name of the association was changed to “Young Executives and Business People Association” by protecting the GYİAD brand.

In order to draw attention to gender equality in non-governmental organizations and to prevent the use of discriminatory language, the Young Executives and Businessman Association (GYİAD) supported the transformation of their title as “business people”, and by protecting the GYİAD brand, amended the name of the association as “Young Executives and Business People Association” following the completion of the statute amendment works.

Yiğit Savcı, the Chairman of the Young Executives and Business People Association, said in a statement regarding the title change decision taken at the general assembly: “GYİAD is an association that is an example for the public by always emphasizing the gender equality through the achieved projects and launched changes. Accordingly, in 2006, we elected our first female chairman, and today the number of female and male members in our management list is equal. As a result, we had a historical day in the general assembly of our association that is continuing its activities for 32 years and we affixed our signature under a very important first among young business organizations. ”

Stating that he sees the title change as a part of ‘Transformation’ projects and are working diligently on it, Yiğit Savcı said, “When I took my office, I told that we will put forward projects on “Transformation” in the titles of women, digitalization and art in accordance with the dynamics of the 21st century and the pioneering role of GYİAD. Our transformation projects focus on the digitalization of SMEs, using transforming power of art in entrepreneurship, giving entrepreneurship perspective to young people through trainings provided through “GYİAD Academy”, drawing attention to the problems experienced by women in business life and having more women at management levels. I can say that under the light of the title change we made, we will continue our efforts to increase women employment in our country and our target is to have equal proportion of men and women working in the business world until 2028. ”