GYİAD collected the experiences of the women entrepreneurs in ‘Kendi Hikayesini Yazanlar’ book

Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) published its second book of entrepreneurship cases series. The experiences of GYİAD member five women entrepreneurs are explained in the style of case-story in Kendi Hikayesini Yazanlar titled book. Aiming to encourage women for entrepreneurship with this book, GYİAD offers a book to be read by all women and men entrepreneurs with pleasure.

“Kendi Hikayesini Yazanlar” - the second book of entrepreneurship cases series of the Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) is promoted through a launching held on March 5. In the book carrying the signature of Assoc. Dr. Ata Demirci, the entrepreneurship stories of five women entrepreneurs are handled and the book carries a dream of entrepreneurship to the youth by starting the path from realities and acting as a lighting guide.

GYİAD member five women entrepreneurs tell their experiences sincerely in Kendi Hikayesini Yazanlar. In the book, the experiences of Gülsha Kozmetik Founder & General Manager Gülşah Gürkan, Happy Human Resources & Omuz Omuza Engelsiz Human Resources Founder & General Manager Özgül Topkan Koruyan, MPM Food Founder and Managing Partner Pelin Özer, EDT Health Founder & General Manager Dilşad Çelebi and Artisan Group Founder & General Manager Özge Yılmaz are shared with the readers.

We want to encourage women in entrepreneurship

Stating that they are supporting the entrepreneurship and particularly the women entrepreneurs, GYİAD Chairman Yiğit Savcı says that with this book, they are aiming to inspire many young entrepreneurs: “We transferred case-stories in ‘Formül Sosunda’ - the first book of the entrepreneurship cases series. In the second book of the series, we gave place to our very valuable and successful entrepreneurs. We want to have more women in the business life and more importantly, to encourage them to be entrepreneurs. And the light of the inspiring stories in this book is a strong call in its essence. It is a work of art prepared to say to the women entrepreneurs that ‘it is more than you can do, we are late, we have to rapidly increase the number of our entrepreneurs without making men-women discrimination and we have to grow our economy; we can only pass to the developed countries category if we increase the rates of women in the business life, strengthen them and make added value production.’ This book is not published by making a distinction of women. Everyone who indeed defines him/herself as an entrepreneur are the ones who are spending effort to change the gender-free globe. In this sense, we are offering a guiding book to be joyfully read by all women and men entrepreneurs.”