GYİAD shared its education and employment projects with the leaders

Teachers will raise the entrepreneurs of the future
Providing trainings in order to spread the entrepreneurial culture since 2010 through GYİAD Academy, GYİAD educated more than two thousand students through guest instructors consisting of 113 GYİAD members at seven prestigious universities of Turkey. GYİAD delegation provided information about the efforts to the National Education Minister Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk and brought up providing entrepreneurship trainings to the teachers into agenda based on the GYİAD Academy example. The starting point of entrepreneurship courses to be offered in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and GYİAD Education and Entrepreneurship Working Groups for teachers will be based on the combination of "Theory and Practice". With entrepreneurship trainings, teachers will be trained on many topics such as creativity, finding a business idea, preparing feasibility, digital transformation and growth.

Emphasizing that education is the basis of several economic and social problems, GYİAD President Fuat Pamukçu said: “Esteemed Minister Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk noted that one of the biggest needs on National Education is the training of teachers. We, as GYIAD, have communicated to him that we want to provide every support we can. We will implement our entrepreneurship trainings for teachers. Our aim is to instill entrepreneurship culture and spirit to teachers by providing them entrepreneurship lessons. ” Pamukçu emphasized that they will contribute to the development and employment of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the medium and long term with this training.

On the other hand, GYİAD ensured that the experiences of entrepreneurs were explained in a case-story style with “Formül Sosunda” (Formula Is In The Sauce), the first book of the entrepreneurship cases series, and “Kendi Hikayesini Yazanlar” (Those Who Write Their Own Story), the second book of the series. Both books are a guide that sheds light based on facts on young people who dream of entrepreneurship. Within the scope of sustainable projects of GYİAD, the third series of case books will meet with entrepreneur candidates and students in the coming period.

Increase in labor force participation rate with the transformation of vocational high schools
During the visits, GYİAD shared with the leaders its project on raising qualified labor and increasing the employment in the real sector with the transformation of vocational high schools. Based on the need to refresh the image of vocational high schools and to increase their functions through resource stakeholders, the project includes proposals such that vocational high schools to undergo a more technological and talent-enhancing transformation from their current structure, the requirement to open vocational high schools within the Organized Industrial Zones to be established, and to provide job opportunities after school.

Contribution to employment with IT trainings
Another GYİAD project shared with the National Education Manager Minister Prof. Dr. Ziya Selçuk, CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, İyi Parti President Meral Akşener and Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu was the Information Technologies Youth Employment project. It is being planned to raise qualified employees with the project where leading local and global players of the IT sector as well as important organizations and relevant NGOs in Turkey take their places in the project as a stakeholder. Pamukçu said, “Within the scope of this project, we will provide our young students with a model that they will have national certifications, and that they will be employed as a competent person with corporate business culture after their graduation.” and stated that education policies are the most effective solution in combating youth unemployment and sustainable development.

A bridge will be established between the UK and Turkey
During the meetings, it was discussed to establish a “Digital Board for Sustainable Istanbul”, which would provide consultancy to Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu on smart city by implementing a structure similar to the Smart London Board successfully operating in London with the support of GYİAD. In this context, the idea that a bridge could be established between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and London Metropolitan Municipality and the Smart London Board through GYİAD’s London Office.