GYİAD’s new chairman is Fuat Pamukçu

Young Executives and Business People Association (GYİAD) performed its 17th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on May 10. Fuat Pamukçu, elected as the Chairman, stated that the Association will address several topics such as education, employment, international relations, national relations and personal development during the new term.

Young Executives and Business People Association performed its 17th Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on May 10. During the meeting where the new board of directors was elected, Fuat Pamukçu elected as the 17th term board member and chairman of GYİAD. Being a member of GYİAD since 2009, Mr. Pamukçu was acting as the member and vice chairman of the board headed by Yiğit Savcı in the 16th term. Also acting as the Digital Working Group chairman of GYİAD, Mr. Pamukçu held various events and conference organizations during his office.


We are encountering inflation and unemployment issues


In his speech, Mr. Pamukçu stated that they are aiming to take over the flag of GYİAD from Yiğit Savcı and carry it forward, and transferred his opinions on the economy. Stating that the current term includes important changes and transformations, Mr. Pamukçu said, “You know the current economic and political concerns. We are in a term that we have to work more, produce more and make more export. As the business world, we are encountering concerns such as the fluctuation of the exchange rates due to the loss of trust to our finance markets, high debiting of our real sector in foreign currencies, high interest and high inflation, as well as high unemployment rates, etc. I can say with a big pride that GYİAD became the luminous center of attraction of new generation NGO approach in Turkey even in the challenging periods that we all have by separating itself with its innovative projects, vision and participatory management approach.”


Many projects are being planned in Abroad and Anatolia


Expressing that as the management team of the 17th term, they will refer to different subjects in addition to the current academy, women and digital studies, Mr. Pamukçu explained the plans of the new term. Emphasizing that the young unemployment rate in Turkey is at a record level, Mr. Pamukçu expressed that they will handle the employment issue, and give weight to the international relations to enable Turkey increase its export and make technology, information and experience transfer. Among the projects of the new term, there are also important articles such as the following; opening representation offices one in US, one in Europe and one in Asia for the purpose of developing international relations, cooperating with sister NGOs in different Anatolian cities at least 3 times in a year, giving GYİAD Academy entrepreneurship lectures in Anatolia and organizing panels in various topics, providing support to startups through mentoring and coaching, providing financial support for the entrepreneurs by attending to the startup funds established with the support of TÜBİTAK, supporting the international deployments, organizing Young Talent training program, and since the youth and women unemployment rate is at the highest level of its history, creating awareness in this matter.


New management is set


Stating that they are in preparation of various projects in the new term, Mr. Pamukçu expressed that they have established a team from every sector to execute different projects from different profiles and to carry GYİAD forward. Stating that the team being formed is a team accommodating many different visions and including people who are young, dynamic and full of positive energy, Mr. Pamukçu emphasized that they will work hard for GYİAD for the following 2 years. In the new management, in addition to the Women, Digital, Culture and Arts, GYİAD Board Vice Chairman Pelin Özer took office under the coordination of the Education and Employment Working Groups, and İbrahim Arınç became the Vice Chairman responsible for the coordination of the member relations, commercial relations, new members and entrepreneurship funding, Eda Ergene became the Board Vice Chairman responsible for the financial affairs of GYİAD and its sustainable management, and Reşat Moral became the Board Vice Chairman responsible for the coordination of the legal affairs of GYİAD and again its sustainable management.




1. Fuat Pamukçu

2 Pelin Özer

3. İbrahim Arınç

4. Eda Ergene

5. Moral & Partners - Vefa Reşat Moral

6. Özgül Topkan Koruyan

7. Deren Öztürk

8. Yasin Kadooğlu

9. Vedat Karako

10. Ebru Arıkan

11. Buse Pınar Kaçar

12. Erhan Çevik