GYİAD's statement against the usage of the genocide term by US President Biden

As GYIAD, we regret and reject US President Joe Biden's usage of the so-called genocide term in a political expression about the events of 1915. We strongly condemn this unreal, political-based statement without merit, which has no validation in historical and international law terms. The so-called "genocide" claim suggested in the statement lacks the basis demanded by international law and scientific evidence. 

For centuries, Turkish and Armenian peoples of different origins have been living as brothers and sisters. Historical events should be researched by historians. The facts should not be "verbally" dictated in line with the interests of the political conjuncture. Both politically not diplomatically, it is impossible to approve that meaningless expression, which will not benefit anyone, done by USA as a third-party country. 

Diplomatic sensitivities of the region that we take part should be taken into account; history should be evaluated by the experts and researchers; and US administration should reconsider its attitude regarding the issues that have to be addressed through dialogue between societies.