As the Young Executives and Business People Association, we aim to improve the relations of our members with each other both socially and commercially through the events we organize.

16.11.2023 10:00

GYİAD Academy Yeditepe University 1st Lesson

The first course of the 2023-2024 academic year of GYİAD Academy, which has been nurturing the culture of entrepreneurship for 12 years, started today at Yeditepe University! Our Chairman of the Board of President, Mr. Mustafa Özer presented valuable perspectives from the business world with real-life examples in the "Foreign Trade" module.

01.09.2023 03:00

Young Owners Forum GYİAD Session

As GYİAD, we took our place in the Young Owners Forum, which was held with the participation of young leaders. In the enjoyable GYİAD session at the Forum, as young business world representatives, we evaluated issues such as entrepreneurship, digitalisation and family owned businesses.