As the Young Executives and Business People Association, we aim to improve the relations of our members with each other both socially and commercially through the events we organize.

06.06.2024 08:00

GYİAD Welcomes Summer

We kicked off the summer season with an energetic start through a fantastic event led by our Member Development Working Group. During this special evening, we strengthened our bonds even further, creating unforgettable memories through delightful conversations.

03.06.2024 11:00

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Visit

As a delegation from GYİAD, we met with the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu. During this valuable meeting, we discussed how we can increase our contributions in areas such as employment, academia, sustainability, digitalization, entrepreneurship, and the economy. Additionally, as representatives of the young business community, we evaluated how we can undertake joint projects in these areas for the future of Istanbul. We thank Mr. Mayor for sharing his valuable time with us.

29.05.2024 09:00

DEİK Visit

As a GYİAD Delegation, led by our Chairman of the Board, Mustafa Özer, we visited the President of DEİK, Nail Olpak. Nail Olpak emphasized the impact of DEİK's 152 business councils worldwide on the international representation of our business community, sharing their roles in foreign economic relations in areas such as foreign trade, international investments, services, and logistics. Mustafa Özer, our Chairman of the Board, discussed the comprehensive efforts of our association in employment, sustainability, digitalization, and the economy. Additionally, as a founding member of DEİK, we had the opportunity to evaluate new opportunities for collaboration, especially in areas such as digitalization.

27.05.2024 08:00

Entropia Visit

Under the leadership of GYİAD Member Relations, we gathered with our members at a special event at Entropia Boutique Istanbul. In this exclusive meeting, our young and successful Formula racing driver, Cem Bölükbaşı, was also with us and shared his racing experiences. We thank Mr. Zafer Demirtaş and Mr. Cem Sürücü for their valuable insights and contributions.

24.05.2024 01:00


Our Chairman of the Board, Mustafa Özer, was a guest on the AGRO Economics program. He emphasized the importance of sustainability and discussed digital transformation in the agricultural sector, highlighting the potential of our Sustainability Summit held on May 9th to raise awareness across all sectors. The program also included discussions on the risks and advantages faced by the business world and the opportunities encountered by young entrepreneurs.

23.05.2024 09:00

GYİAD Industrial Activities Gebze Meeting

At our event, the GYİAD Industrial Collaborations - Gebze Meeting, hosted by Özel Adem Ceylan Final Technical College in the Gebze Güzel Organized Industrial Zone, organized by our Industrial and Industrial Relations Working Group, we discussed developments related to Government Incentives, Development Agency Programs, and International Funds.

21.05.2024 08:00

GYİAD Presidents Meeting

At the Presidents Meeting we organized, all generations of GYİAD came together to transfer the experience rooted in our heritage to the future. Together, we reinforced our vision of building a brighter future.

30.04.2024 09:00

Economy Breakfast

We gathered at our "Economy Breakfast" event with esteemed economists Ege Cansen, Prof. Dr. Asaf Savaş Akad, and Dr. Can Fuat Gürlesel as the moderator. We examined Turkey's economic balances in detail. In this event, where many topics from the real economy to financial markets were discussed, we talked about the future of the Turkish economy.

25.04.2024 10:00

GYİAD Academy Technopark Visit

As part of GYİAD Academy, we visited Technopark with Yeditepe University students. Here, we had the opportunity to examine the latest innovations and projects in the world of entrepreneurship and technology.

25.04.2024 09:00

GYİAD Academy at Yeditepe University

As part of the GYİAD Academy, we met with Yeditepe University students at Ticimax. A training expert from Ticimax delivered a presentation titled 'Stages of Setting Up an E-Commerce Website and Key Considerations,' sharing valuable insights into the technical details of setting up an e-commerce website and the challenges that may arise during this process.

04.04.2024 12:00

GYİAD Podcast Series Episode 5: Fatih Uysal - Learning is an Infinite Journey

The 5th episode of the "Bilene Sorduk" Podcast began by offering valuable insights into the academic journey of Fatih Uysal, the CEO of, which started at Galatasaray High School at the age of 11 and continued at Boğaziçi University. Additionally, his career journey, shaped by experiences gained abroad, was also discussed. In our in-depth conversation, we delved into topics such as artificial intelligence, flexible leadership, and the ability to adapt. We also discussed emerging professions in the evolving business world and offered practical advice for those seeking a new direction in their careers.